Is HGH a steroid?

This is a valid question because a lot of the claims made about HGH are very similar to the claims made about steroids. In fact, many people use HGH and steroids together to get even better results. The answer is no HGH is not a steroid like you traditionally hear.

HGH is a hormone that’s released by the body to help the body grow. This particular hormone production peaks during puberty and then drops off sharply. It helps the body metabolize food better, heal faster and keep the skin looking younger. This is why many people use HGH is to help look better and feel better, body builders use it to recover faster and get stronger, all things that HGH does without any modification.

Anabolic steroids, the ones that are banned by many sports organizations, are modified testosterone molecules. Testosterone is naturally made by the human body; it’s what gives males extra strength and more aggression. Anabolic steroids aren’t the naturally produced form of testosterone, standard steroids are modified in labs.

The testosterone molecule is modified by the carbon change to alter how the body reacts to the steroid. This is how so many different kinds of steroids are on the market depending on what people are trying to do. If someone is looking to cut fat, then they use a steroid that’s been modified to reduce body fat if they’re looking to bulk up, then they use a steroid that’s been modified to increase muscle mass.

HGH is a milder drug for most people and has few side effects, the downside to it is that it takes longer to see results. It can take many months to see results with HGH. Anabolic steroids you can see results in a few weeks, the downside to that is you end up with side effects and potentially a dependency on the drug. The body has an easier time absorbing HGH because it’s in its natural form. Steroids the body has a harder time absorbing because it’s not the same as what the body produces naturally.

There are reasons to take both steroids and HGH, and there are downsides to both. HGH takes longer to see results; it can take as long as a few months to see results from HGH. Steroids you can see results in a few weeks, but you can get a physical dependency on the drug, and the body has a harder time absorbing the steroids.