HGH vs steroids

If you are interested in turning back your body’s internal clock and reduce aging then you may want to try HGH. The use of HGH, better known as Human Growth Hormone, has been frequently met with controversy in recent studies. The anabolic hormone works to build muscle, burn fat, increase both libido and the body’s natural energy levels. While the body produces HGH naturally through the pituitary gland, many believe taking additional HGH could be dangerous. 

The Side Effects

Certain people should not ruse HGH. Use of the Human Growth Hormone can be dangerous to overall health. HGH contains Somatropin, which is a strong hormone that affects every organ in the human body. Increasing this natural hormone can trigger Diabetes to develop, teeth gapping, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, and Acromegaly.

The most common side affects from HGH use are: ear infection, stiffness in joints, flu-like symptoms, and fluid retention that’s noticeable.

How to Use HGH Safely

The safest way to use HGH is to use it under supervision. Taking too much HGH can result in experiencing dangerous side effects.

Famous Users of HGH

Many celebrities that have used or are currently using HGH recommend using only the highest quality supplements. Among the most famous, Sylvester Stallone is one of many seeing real results from use of the hormone. Other celebrities users include Debbie Clemens and Suzanne Somers.

HGH Injections Vs Supplements

There are many supplements you’ll need to take if you don’t want the HGH injections (or if you don’t qualify medically). These include most of what you would find in a multivitamin such as: Vitamin A, Vitamins B5, Folic Acid, Chromium and Zinc. Then there are the ones that a multivitamin doesn’t include such as the hormone CHEA, Crysin (a botanical extract), and Panaz Ginseng. You’ll also need:




  • DHEA


  • Pregnenolone


  • Melatonin


Amino Acids


  • GABA


  • Glycine


  • Glutamine


  • Taurine


  • Lysine




  • Iodine


  • Magnesium




  • Vitamin B12


  • Inositol Hexanicotinate


Really it’s just easier to get the shot if injections aren’t an issue. For those that truly can’t bring themselves to get near a needle, be prepared to invest in a lot of different supplements. Either way, users can still easily experience the benefits of HGH.


HGH injections are typically administered if the following condition or conditions are present: CKD (chronic kidney disease), Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willie Syndrome, HGH deficiency, children born too small for gestational age, short bowel syndrome, HGH deficiency caused by rare pituitary tumors, and muscle-wasting disease that’s normally associated with HIV/AIDS.

HGH and Steroid Differences

The benefits of HGH used as an aid for athletic performance is unknown. Users often use HGH along with steroids to reduce inflammation and improve overall athletic performance however, long-term use of steroids come with some nasty side effects. These include: infertility, stunted growth, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, bad acne, fluid retention, and cataracts. Steroid use can also damage the kidneys, liver, and heart. Users also can’t immediately stop using steroids as it can trigger mode swings, depression, sore muscles, and fatigue.